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Cloe (wip)
~The fruit riping in this garden is freedom~

Name: Cloe; Klon #8
Sex: female
Age: unknown
Place of birth: Erfindergeist, USA
Residence: USA
Height: 176cm (5'9'')
Eye color: green (right), brown (left)
Hair color: red and black
Likes: sniper rifles, food, planning and performing strategies
Dislikes: captivity, wasting time
Hobbies: spending time with dogs that happen to be owned by other members of Libellen and spending time with her partners little sister.
Occupation: member of Libellen

As a member of Libellen, Cloe is part of a revolution going on against the 1984esque conditions in near future America, which has earned her and her affiliates the attention of the local government and military.

Cloe is not a normal human beeing. She was bred in a research facility called Erfindergeist along with 7 others during a supersoldier experiment. Despite being raised lovingly she felt trapped in there, so she escaped. Shortly after exploring the outside world and seeing how constrained even the people out there are in their lives she coincidentally made contact with Libellen, realized their potential and joined them, beeing now a highly respected member amongst them.

Being the supersoldier that she was meant to be, she was granted several superhuman abilities, such as highly enhanced precision and reaction time, an increased ability to concentrate and multitask, and also improved cell regeneration, requiring lots of food, and prolonged telomeres, granting her a lifetime of up to several hundred years. There are however several pigment disorders visible on her body. This is the reason for her two hair colors, two eye colors, and several dark spots on the skin of the left side of her body, mainly located at her arm, leg and back. Cloe tries to hide these things with clothing and contact lenses, so she cannot be found by Erfindergeist that easily.

Most of the time Cloe is quite serious. She is well capable of having and expressing emotions, but her worldview is rather objective and targeted. She is well aware of what she is and what a gift her superhuman abilities are, and she is not going to waste them but to put them into use, freeing humanity of any incarcerating governments or regiments.

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